Wednesday, May 16, 2012

another weird thing

Here are 21 reasons why I write. There is a very large picture of me on the page, which I do not like, because I do not like pictures of me, in addition to not liking compliments (see #17), but maybe I should say what I like. I like that Stymie Magazine invited me to make this list. I like the bio, especially the part where I say I was never nominated for a Pushcart. If I were nominated, it would not be in my bio. I have been  nominated for things and been a finalist or runner up and other things. I won one writing thing I can think of. And that's not in my bio. If I win a Pushcart, I will include it in my bio. I promise.

Some people said some nice things about Shut Up/Look Pretty. I will link them here and you can read them if you want. Some other people said some mixed things about Shut Up/Look Pretty I will not link those here, though Googling is your prerogative. Some people like the book. Nobody hates it as far as I know. One day, I will have my own book and I will know what people think. Meanwhile, here are some links:

Dennis Cooper
Specter Magazine
People You Know By Heart
This Blog Will Change Your Life

Even though I am not good with compliments, I am grateful. I will never stop being amazed that people read things I write. I don't ever want to stop being amazed. I feel every single thing I write. I don't always want to, but I can't help it. It's just how it is and maybe it makes me the writer I am or the person I am or the chicken or the egg or who cares what made what because it is right up there with the very best things in my life. I say things like that. I am so not cool. I never will be.

I've been eating a lot of cucumbers lately. I love the smell of cucumbers. They taste good, too. I bought two pairs of shoes today. They are both way cute.

That shoe on the right makes my foot look huge. It's not. Here's a weird thing about me. As I have gotten older, my feet have shrunk. There are other weird things, but I need to go to sleep now. I'll tell you some more next time. I'll try not to stay away so long.

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