Tuesday, December 28, 2010

under my skin

The new issue of Corium went up today. I am very tired, as I did not realize when I started a journal that I would have to figure out how to make it not look like someone like me was putting it together. I am not good with technology. I became upset with HTML last night and shopped for sweaters for awhile.

I didn't buy anything. But the detour contributed to me getting around 42 minutes of sleep last night. I do not believe I am engaging in my usual beloved hyperbole, either. So, why am I still up at 11:47pm? I do not know. I am very self-aware. I am also not.

Anyway, the issue is wonderful. I will say it. I worked hard and these writers -- dammit, they're so good -- they gave me all this ridiculously good stuff to use and all I had to do was code it and match it with some artwork, and this took me a very long time. Though there were also emailing detours, a writing detour (I was inspired by a badass collaborative piece in the journal to do some time on this collaborative piece I'm doing with yet another fantastic writer. I am overly superlative today. Sorry. ), a laundry detour, and several hundred eating and drinking detours.

Though I was very tired, I did not want to sit in traffic after work. I decided to go to Ross. You must understand, I am an excellent shopper, and that is neither hyperbole nor superlative. It is truth. I learned from Mrs. Becker -- my mother. She always looks like a million bucks, and will tell you she got her shirt for $13.99, marked down from $2,134, etc. Among a few other things, I bought the perfect throw pillow for $14.99.

If you have not priced throw pillows lately, you may not know -- as I did not know -- that it is not uncommon for them to cost upwards of $100. Each. For real. So, I got this new couch and a new duvet and have been holding off on the pillow shopping. I got an awesome pillow for my bed tonight, as well, but I will save it for another day. Tonight, I will highlight this one, which did not have a "marked down from" price attached, but I would venture a guess that it would be in the $120 range. And I would have considered paying it. I'm ok with your being impressed. It is the best pillow EVER. See?
Well, I like it a lot, and it is perfect with my brown tweedy couch and the rust-ish colored rug. I could say more. I won't. You're welcome.

I'm going to bed. I might show you the other pillow tomorrow. It was $9.99. If you live nearby and need shopping assistance, or want to come visit for shopping assistance and/or just to hang out, I will be happy to help you decorate your living quarters and/or yourself for a fraction of what you would have paid retail. For real.

Read the issue. Admire the pillow. Go to bed. It's late.

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