Tuesday, September 16, 2008


Full moon tonight. I went up to Tilden Park with Bridgid. We sat in her dark car and talked about things I shouldn't say. I saw her clearly through the yellow.

My mom used to say the full moon made me crazy. But I didn't howl. I didn't scream. I didn't change shape. I didn't change much.

The moon and I are tight. It's there even when it's not. I am, too.


DOGZPLOT said...

you and brigid were naked

Anonymous said...

Awh, ain't you sweet.

The moon wasn't "waning" silly, it was at it's PEAK! The full moon does make us a bit crazy, but only because all that energy is FULL and coursing truly, and there's no mismash distraction or filtering. Just pure light of US.

I love how you describe it being there even when you're not. That's so beautiful.

And I don't know who dogzplot is, but they're a dork. HUGE dork. Like, just put your silly, uncreative fantasy out there why dontcha? You WISH we were naked.

Anonymous said...

I believe the term is "waxing."
just fyi...NN

Anonymous said...

also, see how many people tell you to take your clothes off or fantasize about it Lauren? I still think you should do a reading at slam naked or topless at least...don't worry, I won't be there, but I'll want to hear all about it...NN

Lauren said...

I know the moon is waxing when it's full. I MEANT to say wane. It wasn't going to be full anymore. I guess the showing/not telling didn't quite work this time!