Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Karaoke: Treat or Punishment? Discuss.

Austin and I might go to karaoke tonight. That would probably be an improvement upon my lunch of 10 Ativan washed down by a big glass of sauvignon blanc.

For those of you not as wise in the ways of Ativan/wine, it cannot kill or even hurt you. It can bring you a a nice mellow that brightens the rest of the day's darkness. I rather enjoyed it, today.

If we go, he will clearly be driving.

Postscript, 7:14pm: I don't even remember writing this. Yes, Ativan is a good thing for anxiety -- not so much for memory. I'll try to remember how karaoke goes so I can fill ya in. Oh, and of course he is driving.


Anonymous said...

how was the karaoke?

DOGZPLOT said...

karaoke is for losers

Lauren said...

Dear Mr. Dogzplot:

Conclusion without description? Might as well make it the end of a dream scene ...