Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Show Instead of Tell

I didn't get dressed today. I'm in my nightgown. Light purple -- lavender, I guess, though I think lavender's more pinkish purple -- with a little ruffle around the low neckline, same purple cotton. It hits mid-thigh and has spaghetti straps. I was sitting with Austin one night and a strap slipped off my shoulder. He pulled it up, not down.

Janice called me after her job interview. It was her first since she started looking. She told me a lot about the job. She works in finance. Portfolio management, whatever that is. I have an interview in a few weeks. I have not worked in 5 months.

Today, I printed more of Sam's novel but didn't read. I sat on my e-mail, opening each as it came in. I petted Noah.

I'm sitting on my bed. The sun is mid-sky on its way down. When I move my head, it shines through the tree, into my eyes. If this were a joke, you would tell me not to move my head.


Superfantastic said...

I meant to comment before to say "He pulled it up, not down." is so evocative, at least to me. I realize that I'm inserting my own boy-related experience there and all of the Woe. therein, but anyway I thought it was very good showing, not telling.

Anonymous said...

i'll second Uberfantastic's comment...NN