Thursday, September 4, 2008

She's a Maniac

I went Flashdance on my t-shirt today. The neck was choking me and the boy sleeves showcased my arm flab. Chopped the neck and the sleeves. My black t-shirt with the mean girl holding an axe is sweet.

I cried in the cafe. It's not all out. Hisun encouraged me to let it go but I didn't. I just asked her to get me some napkins.

A cute kid is eating some kind of vegan cake and the employee girls who are way cooler than I am are playing random music. Now it's Michael Jackson. Earlier they played Santogold, the Doobie Brothers and the Stars. Michael Jackson again. They didn't know him when he was black. Yes. It's that 'Jimmy are you ok, are you ok Jimmy?' song. I love this one.

I was writing a cover letter when I switched over. I write the hell out of cover letters -- lots of exceptionals, uniques and therefores, objectives, outcomes and successes.

I might go to Buenos Aires.

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