Monday, September 1, 2008

Revisionist History and Other Stuff

So, now that I'm being all honest and everything, I am going to go back to my mysterious posts and un-mystery them. And delete some of the things I'm horrified to see I posted -- not really for content (though some of what I wrote is really stupid), but for crappy writing.

Barry says description is the number one rule of writing. Rule 1,149 is:

stories can only contain dreams if the dream is introduced prior to the scene. having entire scenes happen, then end off with the surprise dream is ridiculous. the dream must be announced and understood within the context of the story before the dream scene happens.

So I dreamed some of the following descriptions of myself. If you're interested.

** I am the tallest Jewish girl you will ever meet. 5'9". I was a late bloomer. I was 4'11" when I started high school.

** I am shy. (This is not only a description but a secret).

** I noticed recently that my front teeth are not aligned with the center of my upper lip.

** I used to bite my fingernails. Now, when I am stressed, I bite only my thumbnails.

** I wear socks to bed.

** I think people who own birds are weird.

** I haven't vacuumed in 2 months.

** I look A LOT younger than I am. I sometimes use this for evil, not good.

** I HATE the word "literally." A lot. It should be banned from the English language.

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Anonymous said...

i looked to the left of the post and found the good books section, dave sedaris is literally, overrated, and not that great.

- bg