Friday, September 5, 2008

I Love Quirks

Superfantastic threw out a challenge. Well, an ongoing, chain-mailey challenge, that is both fun and not annoying, as I will not lose all my hair or friends if I do not comply. It involves quirks -- 6 to be specific -- that I must lay upon you. Though I already posted several on September 1 , I've got plenty where that came from.

1. I get giddy and glazed when I'm in a bookstore or library.

2. I set my alarm, microwave, volume on my car stereo, etc. on a number ending with 2, 4 or 8. I like the evens, but not 6 for some reason. Sorry six. Sorry zero.

3. I won't eat ripe bananas. They must have just a tinge of green. The one I'm eating now is too ripe.

4. I hate peas but LOVE split pea soup.

5. I often speak French to Noah (mon beaux chat).

6. I will not wear flip-flops or any other type of thong sandal. I hate having things between my toes.

There you have it. If any of my ones of readers would like to play and pass it on, the rules are that you link to me and some other stuff, but really you should just do it 'cause it's fun.

1 comment:

Superfantastic said...

I always set my alarm clock to odds. And I can't eat bananas that are green at all. They must be refrigerated and I like them best when they have speckles of brown.

Bookstores and libraries...ahhh.