Friday, September 19, 2008

Birthday Pinball

Counting down to 40. 2 more days. Eek.

But not really eek. I have always liked my birthday and I think I'll like this one, too.

My friend, Jack, will be here from San Diego. We'll go into SF tomorrow afternoon and later go dancing with shirtless gay boys. I'm pretty sure Jack and I will leave our shirts on, though last time I was at Badlands, one of the boys pulled mine off. No one seemed to care.

We might go play pinball at my friend's fundraiser on Sunday. I love pinball. I scream and jump around and get mad at the game and then we make up when I score bonus points.

I should be better at pinball. We had a pinball machine in our basement rec room when we lived in Denver (ages 10 - 16). My dad said we could have a pool table, ping pong table or pinball machine. Dork that I am, I voted for ping pong.

So, for awhile, the 4 of us kids (boy, girl, boy, girl, all 2 years apart. I am the second born.) fought over whose turn it was. After a few months, we forgot and played Space Invaders and Pong on Atari.

40th birthday. Pinball. Sweet.

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