Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Another Rejection Blog Post

Remember how my very first submission was published and, soon after, something else was also published? And remember how I was kind of enjoying posting the rejections? I have to admit, this is getting discouraging and tiresome. Too much rejection lately. I'm ready to be accepted.

Hi Lauren, Thanks for submitting to **********, but I've decided to pass on [the story]. This is an interesting story rife with shocking imagery; however, I think you rely too much on "telling" the reader instead of showing. As a result, I think this lacks depth. Best wishes,

I don't really understand this ... she seemed to like the basis for it. Could have asked for a rewrite? Probably not. Guess she was trying to soften the blow. It's out to one other place. It's been rejected twice. I think it's one of the best things I have written. I get it, though. I've heard this criticism more than once. I still like it. Well, maybe I liked it.

I suspected the first was a fluke. I'm done for awhile. Submitting. I'll keep writing, I think. At least here. I'll try to show and not tell. Starting next post.

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