Monday, September 15, 2008

40 Things

My birthday is on Sunday. September 21. I will be 40.

Yeah, that picture on the side of the page is (was!) me. A few months ago. I know I look younger. But I'm not. I'm 40. Sweet buttery Jesus (that's for you, Lori!).

My friend, Michael, turned 40 last week. I just got off the phone with him. He said he had pictured himself with a house and a partner at this age. It's that kind of age. The kind that makes you think of where you thought you'd be. I hate that kind of age. I'm not doing it. I hear your relief.

40 Pretty Cool Things About My Life:

1. I love where I live.
2. My friend, Jack, is coming to see me for my birthday.
3. I'm having a birthday get-together thing on the 27th at Shattuck Down Low. You should totally come.
4. I have really good music on my iPod.
5. I have a huge, gorgeous, sweet, funny, weird cat (Noah).
6. Noah's diabetes seems to be reversing itself.
7. I have a lot of books.
8. I have a car that works, despite the fact that I keep running into things.
9. Susan's taking me out for a fancy birthday brunch.
10. I have a free Jet Blue ticket I have to book by Wednesday.
11. I might use my ticket to go to New York.
12. I might use my ticket to go to Chicago for a writers' conference.
13. I might surprise myself wth a massage or a pedicure for my birthday.
14. I have 2 spacious walk-in closets.
15. I rarely have to shave my legs.
16. I like my book group.
17. I have someone to write with.
18. Some great people like, or even love, me.
19. Strangers tell me stuff.
20. I have an interview next Monday for a job I'd actually like.
21. I have the best dad.
22. I was born in the Year of the Monkey. I like monkeys.
23. I know how to shop.
24. A few people read this blog.
25. I can see.
26. I can hear.
27. I can walk.
28. I have a fairly well-used brain.
29. I have a decent singing voice.
30. I am an ok writer sometimes.
31. I am an excellent reader.
32. I'm wearing my favorite jeans.
33. I'm wearing my favorite boots.
34. The Bush administration will soon be gone.
35. I have DVR and don't have to watch commercials.
36. I still get carded. Everywhere. Every time.
37. My bank account is not overdrawn.
38. I have 4 more bags of clothes to donate to Goodwill or Salvation Army.
39. I live really, really close to one of my very favorite cities.
40. My birthday is on Sunday.

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BmcG said...

I love that you say you know how to shop! HA! I know how to shop too! Silly. Although that is actually a good skill, if by shop you mean get good deals, find just the right thing, and so on and so forth. Never mind, I take it back, it's not that silly. Let's go underwear shopping!