Saturday, August 2, 2008


You know how some days you feel raw? Like the thinnest layer of your skin is gone and the slightest touch, word or breeze is painful? You have those days. We all have those days. And on those days, we might cringe or shrink away from that touch or word or breeze.

It's not a woman thing or a sensitive thing or a sleepless thing or a disappointed thing. It's just a thing that sometimes happens. And it can confuse other people. That things they said yesterday hurt your skin today. And it can confuse you. That you were fine and now the breeze is painful. And it can, and will, make you hope you wake up tomorrow with your skin intact.

Don't say you don't know that feeling. I know you do.


DOGZPLOT said...

i had one of those decades.

fix your typos. bad spelling and grammar never makes writing better.

Anonymous said...

that happens to me after I have a nightmare...NoNick