Monday, August 11, 2008

The Psychic Chiropractor

I met this woman tonight at Reggie's house. Reggie and Billy make and sell raw food dishes. Like pasta primavera with zucchini as the main ingredient.

The woman is a chiropractor. She is tall with long, blonde hair. She is very pretty. She tells me about a difficult exercise class she attends and eats her asparagus soup, made creamy with crushed cashews.

My friend says something about my writing. The chiropractor tells me she thought I was a writer when we met.

She tells me she does not crack people's joints (or whatever they work on). She says to come to her office for 15 minutes one day and she'll tell me more about how she works.

I say that I will come. I want to know how she knew I was a writer.


Anonymous said...

she wants you...

sirking said...

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