Thursday, August 14, 2008

No Thank You Already

We've all (3 of us) been waiting, waiting for ... Another "rejection blog post"!!

Not being inclined to disappoint (as I am, indeed, a middle child), I bring you not ONE but TWO (ACTUALLY 3) rejections!

Rejection 1: Dear Lauren, Thank you for letting us read your story. After careful consideration, we’ve decided we won’t be able to use it in *** ***** ****. Sincerely, ***** ********

Hmm. I kind of liked that one.

Rejection 2: hi lauren,funny ending, but not sure the 'chef' thing ties in tight enough.Thanks for thinking of us though...

No, wait a second. That wasn't a flat out rejection, was it? There seemed to be some wiggle room ...

Lauren: Thanks for your quick response. I'm wondering from your note if this is something I could tighten up or if you feel the story in total is not right for you. I appreciate your feedback.

******* Journal, (Rejection 3): we thought about asking for a revision, but the sex scene ambivalence was not complex enough. if you are up for it, you can always submit another story!

Lauren (to self): If they liked it otherwise, (which is unclear. Maybe they're just being polite. Likely) I could have resolved the specific issues they pointed out.
Thanks ******* Journal. I'll get right on that.

I've got some other pieces out. "Rejection blog post"© should be back in action soon. Maybe even today.

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