Sunday, August 3, 2008

Jury Duty

I've got it. Starting tomorrow. I have to call in tonight and see if I have to go in.

Jury duty is loathsome. I don't know anyone who likes it. Maybe old people who are bored. But the rest of us hate it.

It's a duty required by the Constitution -- jury of one's peers and all that. The Constitution has some pretty good stuff in it, like abolishing slavery. It provides women and people of color with the right to vote. Also good. Let's not get into the rest.

I once sat on a jury for a case in which a guy was charged with beating the crap out of his girlfriend. His defense was that she pushed him out of bed when he came home late. We found him guilty. Jury of peers. I think perhaps he should have been judged by a bunch of abusive scumbags.

I hate jury duty.


Anonymous said...

hey, maybe you'll meet the man of your dreams on jury duty...I hear the men of juries are all angry, but maybe you'll be empaneled next to one that is easy going. NN


man, guys sneaking in the house late at night catch such a bad break. ease up.