Friday, August 29, 2008

Birthday Time

Do you ever catch your birthday time? Mine is 9:21. It's on the clock twice a day, but I get kind of excited when I catch it. It feels lucky. The minute is for me. And Stephen King and Bill Murray. But they have to catch it themselves.

It was really, really hot today. I tried to look for a job. But I got an interview early in the day and rested on my laurels. I don't have laurels, but if I had them, they would be hot.

I looked through my writing. I found a story I started. It's fun to find stories. Like when you're about to do laundry and a twenty falls out of your jeans pocket. Maybe not that good. But it was fun.

I didn't know what to write here today and I don't want to disappoint my 2 faithful/faithless readers, so you get a couple of lines of my story. It's called "Birthday Time." The narrator is a guy. I think he's my first. It's ok if you don't love it. It's a work in progress.

I turn my head the slightest bit. It’s 9:21. My birthday time. It makes me remember my last birthday. I was still with Jenny. She bought me a bag of Hershey’s kisses wrapped in fall colors. She also got me one of those tiny books made for Tinkerbell or people in the Midwest that collect Home Shopping Network figurines. Her attempt at irony. It’s called “Poems of Autumn.” She’s not real good at irony, but they were good gifts.

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