Monday, August 11, 2008

Adventures I Cannot Have Due to Poverty

[Sorry. I know you (two) depend on my wit, insight and odd experiences to inspire you, but there's just nothing going on. I'm pretty sure some rejection letters will roll in this week and I vow to have an adventure or two.]

I have a number of friends going to Burning Man and I considered going, for, like, one quarter of a second, but it's frickin' expensive. That's the kind of thing I'd go to if it were local and $50, but it's a real ordeal. Tickets for $250. Lots of money for tent, food, water, other incidentals so you can go sit in the heat, dealing with duststorms and unwashed assorted weirdos (the assorted weirdos are the draw for me -- the unwashed part would disturb my delicate sense of smell.).

No Burning Man for me. If I were to spend that kind of money, I'd go somewhere good, like New York or ... someplace else good. I've never spent any real time in NY so I'd like to go. But it's hot there. And I can't spend the money. So I'll save my pennies until I get a job, tell them I can't start for a month, and go to Buenos Aires for 2-3 weeks.

The freaky unwashed will have to party without me. Take some pictures.


Anonymous said...

shit cups...I've been burning for years, just come over and watch me for a while. That damn metabolic fire never stops...and for the record, Burning Man is dead! has been for years...$250 per person? I rest my case.

DOGZPLOT said...

all you can buy in nyc for $250 is a dinner and a cab ride.

give me the $250. i'll save it for you.

Anonymous said...

one more thing...remember, poverty IS an adventure...anonymous NN